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Toyota Yaris GR 4 Rear Diffuser Gloss Black by HT Autos UK.

£99.00 £82.50 Exc VAT

. Gloss Black Acrylic Capped ABS Plastic

. Lowers Rear End

. 10 Mins To Fit

. Fixings Included

. Made and Designed in UK by HT Autos

. Ship Word wide

. Other New Toyota Yaris GR Parts Coming Soon

Give your Toyota Yaris GR that aggressive rear end look with this HT Autos designed rear bumper diffuser.

The diffuser is made from ultra tough Gloss black Acrylic Capped  ABS plastic.

Perfect fit for your Yaris GR, while also helping to stiffen up that flimsy rear bumper.

Comes with HT Autos badge separate, can fit to your diffuser or not, up to you.