Toyota Yaris GR 4 Rear Bumper Vents / Ducts. HT Autos UK

£109.00 £90.83 Exc VAT

. Gloss black, acrylic capped ABS plastic.

. Templates supplied.

. Simply cut bumper and bond in place.

. Makes rear end appear even wider.

. Designed and manufactured by HT Autos UK.

. Other new Toyota Yaris Gr parts coming soon.



Brings a whole new dimension to the rear end of your Toyota Yaris GR.

Not fake duct / vents, so some cutting of the Yaris Gr rear bumper is required. But templates supplied to make this an easier and less daunting task.

The Yaris GR 4 rear bumper is lacking something and we realised that these vents fill that void nicely, whilst also creating less drag.

Now your Yaris GR can have excellent curb appeal. Even from the rear, with these HT Autos designed rear bumper ducts / vents.

Check behind bumper before ordering, as ‘convenience pack’ model may have reverse sensors that will need relocating or modification to the vents.

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